Why Stand in Line

Moving day. The lease is pretty standard, but thankfully month to month with 30 days’ notice at the end. After signing and paying I unpack, making room in my car for the rest of the provisions I’ll need to buy. Ikea isn’t winning the furniture wars with people like me because they make great products or because I get extra utility from building it myself. It’s because I can move into an apartment, drive to Ikea, hand them $312 and walk out with a bed frame, mattress and slats, a table I’ll use for a desk, a laptop stand and a chair. I was going to buy an air mattress and get a bed shipped in, but Ikea made it so I didn’t have to. And it all fit in my small car.

Everything but the table is put together by 6 PM, but that will wait until tomorrow. I decide against collapsing and venture out, catch the MAX and go into the city again.

After a few blocks I notice that the frequency of pink boxes has increased. Whenever I see someone carrying one, I walk in the direction they are coming from. I find Voodoo Doughnuts on a corner reminiscent of the French quarter in New Orleans. The line is slow moving and extends halfway down the block. One of my great motivators in life is to not wait in long lines, so I walk around a bit, and spy a sign painted on the side of a building, which says: “Dante’s — Keep Portland Weird”. I don’t know what kind of incredible and wonderful things go on in Dante’s on a Friday or Saturday. But tonight they have Dr. Proof’s Whiz-Bang Science Superhour. It is geared towards the ever-expanding niche of science humor. This is something not to be missed. Also at one corner of the bar you can order a slice of Lonesome’s Pizza. I get a slice of cheese; I prefer more sauce, though for pizza you walk around with, you don’t have to worry about the toppings sliding off. Mister Chill’r, the oldest chill-out/ambient mixer/DJ around plays while I eat my pizza, and then Dr. Proof and his merry group of miscreants mount the stage. As I said, definitely stop in for this show if you have the chance.

It was a long day and I have to walk back to the MAX line and take about a 45-minute ride back to my car, so I leave after Dr. Proof’s show ends and miss the open mic night that follows.

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